Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gatsby chapter 8

-Gatsby and Nick talk about Daisy all night
-Nick and Jordan talk, Jordan is with another man
-Wilson thinks Gatsby had an affair and killed Myrtle on purpose, since the car that murdered her was Gatsby's
-Wilson kills Gatsby
-Wilson kills himself

Great Gatsby chapter 7

-Gatsby, Tom, Daisy, Nick, and Jordan all hang out
-Myrtle wants to move away with her husband
-Gatsby and Tom get into a fight, Gatsby tells Tom about him and Disy
-Myrtle gets ran over by a car and instantly dies
-Daisy killed Myrtle with Gatsby in the car by accident

Great Gatsby chapter 6

-Jay Gatsby- name given to Gatz by Dan Cody
-"on the surface"- Gatsby goes to Dan Cody when he's on a yacht
-Gatsby is a self-made man

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gatsby chapter 5 notes

-Nick invites Daisy to tea when Gatsby is there
-Gatsby seems scared to death to talk to her
-nick leaves the house & when he comes back inside, Daisy's crying and gatsby is glowing
-Gatsby takes nick and daisy to his place, gatsby seems in love with daisy
-gatsby looks at the GREEN LIGHT on daisy's house at the end of the dock at night

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Great Gatsby chapter 4

-gatsby tells nick he went to oxford, but nick doesn't believe him, that his family all died, then he went to war
-nick & gatsby go to lunch
-mr. wolfsheim tells nick gatsby went to oggsford college in england
-nick sees jordan that afternoon and she tells him gatsby and daisy had a thing before gatsby was sent to war & that nick should invite daisy to his place so gatsby can go over and they can reunite
-nick kisses jordan

Thursday, February 2, 2017

great gatsby chapter 3 notes

displacement: when character is out of familiar context
chronos: time
anachronism: out of time
prodigality: it's supposed to be there

nick & miss baker go to gatsby's party and can't find him anywhere until nick finds a guy that was in the war with him, and it turns out to be gatsby
gatsby talks to jordan alone and tells her something amazing
nick in love with jordan???
gatsby keeps getting interrupted by different cities ?

great gatsby chapter 2 notes

nick goes w tom to meet his girl, Mrs. wilson
tom is constantly drinking
mrs. wilson is constantly buying things
tom and mrs. wilson argue & tom breaks her nose