Friday, June 2, 2017

big questions 9

melina: why do we dream? why do we forget them so easily?
-we can't see our reflections in dreams
-we can't read in dreams

peter: what is music?
-prehistoric music was more drum based
-related to math
-increases dopamine

paloma: trust and second chances
-multiple types of trust
-hurt bae video
-we practice trust every day of our lives
-trust the process motivational video

Thursday, June 1, 2017

big questions 8

kayleen: school system has failed us
-they should've taught us things useful for our future
-horace mann created the school system

clemente: did society make humans evil?
-stanford prison experiment
-evil comes from circumstances
-milgram experiment
-brown and blue eyes experiment
-humans have mob mentality
-no gene makes us hate
-society influences the way humans behave

jackie:what's worse: failing or not trying at all?
-people let fear of failing run their lives
-if you never try you'll never know
-regret of not taking a chance is worse than failing

fatima: why do we fear the unknown?
-fear is being afraid of something dangerous
-we know what's going on with something in our brains before we do something
-we make connections with new and old ones so we won't be as afraid
-amygdala controls your senses

big questions 7

cerenity: why do we hurt the ones we care about the most?
-we may not realize we hurt someone until it's too late
-we often hurt the people we care about because they're a reflection of ourselves
-interview w social worker
-the more you expect from someone the more you get hurt

monse: inside the mind of killers
-scientists found warrior gene that makes someone aggressive mens warrior genes have increased while womens have decreased
-early childhood abuse causes disorders and phobias
-most killers don't have any remorse after murdering

angel: is he going to college?
-wants to become a youtuber
-what would he study?
-bad at math
-wants to be a game developer
-why are games addicting?
-beating your high score
-science behind it
-brain releases dopamine
-brain starts releasing less dopamine so you start playing more often which leads to game addiction
-wants to invent game everybody can be addicted to

linda: why does music sound good to humans?
-music is sound and our ears pick up the vibrations
-so many elements of music get our brain stimulated
-pleasure part of brain
-what do animals feel?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

big questions 6

Samary: what's our role in the world?
-bad: racism, drugs, violence, poverty, bullying
-good: technology, democracy, education, recycling
-positive video

Daniel:what would the world be like if there was no school?
-school is beneficial for a career and life
-why do kids have a negative view on school?
-burden for kids
-school reduces crime
-without school people would have more time
-people would be out more
-people wouldn't see their friends as much
-parents would be worried about kids
-kids would most likely follow parents' paths
-less competitive

Jordan: how can we, the next generation, help society?
-parents always tell her we're the next generation
-huge weight on shoulders
-we believe the world's going to get better
-get an education and get smart to change the world
-adults expect that we won't get into the wrong crowds
-don't doubt your kids

Big Questions 5

Abi: what would it be like if she wasn't a twin?
-twins don't have superpowers
-differences in twins
-people do change (like alcoholics and students)
-people can change people (like parents, motivators)

Leydi: strategies to finding good items at thrift store
-been thrifting for a year and a half
-fashion culture now and back in the 80's
-always look at boys' section and get closer to the womens' section
-goodwill discount on monday for students***

Gabriel: how do i improve my memory?
-it's all psychological
-eat healthier food
-master a new skill

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Big Questions 4

Marino: why do people get passionate about sports?
-been playing soccer he was little
-dad always watched it on tv, played at recess
-people feel better about themselves after team wins
Luis: lucid dreaming
-own little Utopia, you decide what happens
-wars won, diseases cured
-dream journal, meditate
-benefits: decide what you dream about, creative overcome fears
-downsides: sleep paralysis, hallucinations
-who does it?: Stephen King, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein
Alexis: why hasn't our school systems changed?
-ranked fifth on spending most money on education, but no results
-kids in Finland work hands on, are more involved with teachers
-kids here don't really get involved with teachers or have conversations with parents about their futures
-80% of students don't know what to do after high school, go into low paying jobs after high school

Big Questions 3

Cesar: what are limits to things? paradoxes?
-running and what it taught him- when you find a passion you could do the impossible
-kenyan runner/ chess mozart
-with passion he does a lot of things
Eldrin: why do we laugh?
-we give off message that we're having fun
-not only does it feel good, but it's good for you